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Ventilators that need repair, can be repaired on-site by Remotive. If necessary, we proceed to the replacement of parts or delivery of a completely new machine, standard or custom-made.

After a thorough inspection of your machine, we deliver you a repair proposal before proceeding to repair, ordering of new parts or delivery of a new machine. If a machine needs to be replaced after all, we can recommend you those ventilators that best meet your needs.

To make sure your machine will always perform at optimum level, we balance the rotor not only on demand, but with every revision. Coating of the impeller and the pump housing can also be done with us. Since we dispose of a balancing machine, we can service the rotor with coating during the balancing such that it is completely protected again. After the necessary repair, balancing and coating works have been done, the complete ventilator setup can be installed again and the belts can be aligned again.

Standard inspection with Remotive consists of:

  • Incoming visual inspection
  • Measurement of tolerances
  • Disassembly
  • Visual inspection of parts
  • Measurement of various dimensions
  • Drafting of inspection report

Standard repair:

  • Cleaning of all parts
  • Balancing of rotating parts
  • Assembly
  • Check of tolerances
  • Painting of machine
  • Drafting repair report