Because production time costs money, and a machine that is not functioning at its optimum performance level is a burden on all work. Remotive, WE SAVE TIME.

We are specialized in repair and replacement of rotating machines and we believe that Remotive is the partner your company needs.



Static or dynamic balancing, we will take care that every rotating machine will always perform at optimum level. Thanks to our own balancing machine, we are capable of helping our clients fast and effectively for an attractive price.

Maintenance and repair

Remotive specialises in maintenance and repair of all rotating machines, such as pumps, gearboxes, electric motors, blowers, etc. In our workshop, we dispose of all the necessary machines to repair your machine completely, and as such we can revise your machine very quickly and in a cost-efficient way.

Electric motors

Electric motors that need to be repaired or replaced, can be repaired by us, and if necessary we can provide new motors quickly. Our supplier disposes of an extensive stock, which enables to help you quickly.


Remotive has all that is needed to repair or replace any type of pump. Centrifugal pumps, multi-stage pumps, vacuum pumps, etc. can all be revised by us.